Can I Make Money with Receipt Apps?

I have always been one to look for different ways to make extra money. I’ve tried survey apps, even just recently I took up trying them again. I’ve done Amazon Turk years ago. I partake in affiliate programs, have a farm, sell my art, and many other things I’ve tried along the way. Some have worked ok and others just aren’t worth it (surveys being one..ugh)

My cousin told me about this particular receipt app a year ago and so of course I had to try it! It’s simple which is what I look for in these types of money making things. I don’t expect to make even a good side income but for the little time it takes to scan a receipt, plus the fact that you can have it automatically scan for online receipts such as Amazon (I shop there a lot!) and your email, it is super simple and it doesn’t take too long before you have enough money to get yourself a coffee. Or save up to get an Amazon gift card which is what I like to do. I figure if I save that money until Christmas time, I can take a bit of a chunk out of the Christmas spending.

I also recently discovered that you can use multiple receipt scanning apps using the same receipts! Now that’s pretty cool. You can quadruple your rewards easily. There are some that take a little longer to upload your receipts, or have an extra thing to do, but these still don’t take much time at all, so I think it’s totally worth it. I mean, I figure on my down time, instead of playing a game on my phone or just doing something totally worthless, I can scan some receipts and make a little extra money back.

Let’s get into which receipt apps I use starting with my favorites. They all work great but there are a couple that are the easiest to use and have some extra features I love.


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Accepts receipts up to 2 weeks old

Fetch is the one my cousin introduced to me. It’s still my favorite! Fetch seems to have more options for earning points, which in turn earns more money back. Their receipt scanner seems to be the fastest one so far. It’s very quick and easy to snap a receipt and upload. You get extra points for certain items, and buying a certain amount of those items. I think at this time, Fetch probably has a wider variety of brands and stores that they work with. You also get a daily reward spin once you scan a receipt for the day. You can connect your Amazon and Walmart accounts for e receipts, as well as your gmail or outlook email account to earn from email supported retailers.

Fetch does have a limit on number of receipts, as do all the apps, so sometimes I’ll have to wait a couple days to upload more. You can snap up to 35 receipts within a 7 day period, so when you hit 35 receipts, it will tell you you can’t snap again until a certain date, usually 2 days later. Most people probably won’t have that many receipts to snap within a 7 day period, but if you have a business, or farm or something like I do, you’ll probably hit that limit more often. The nice thing is, you can just save those receipts that didn’t get snapped, and do them once your waiting period is over.


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Accepts receipts up to 2 weeks old

Pogo is my second favorite receipt scanning app. Again, a big one for me is speed. You don’t make much off each receipt so you don’t want to spend much time on scanning and uploading them. Pogo gives you that speed. You pretty much get the same amount of points each receipt though. They don’t have extra points for certain items and brands, but it also doesn’t take as many points as Fetch to get to your minimum payout. The nice thing too is that you can cash out to your Paypal account sooner. Pogo also does location rewards, so if you don’t mind them tracking your location, you’ll get extra points automatically and all you have to do is go in the app and click claim next to each one, on top of the points you get for scanning your receipts.

Receipt Hog

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Accepts receipts up to 2 weeks old

Upload Limits: Up to 20 qualifying Coin-Receipt uploads per Receipt Hog week

Receipt Hog is another great receipt scanning app. This one is 3rd on the list because you do have one extra step after each receipt, although it doesn’t take much more time. They ask a question after you upload each receipt about who went on the shopping trip (Yourself, adult female, adult male, child under 18) so you choose who all went shopping with you. It doesn’t take much more time to click on an answer, but it is one more step to take.

Receipt Hog gives you more points for receipts with higher totals.

  • Less than $10.00 = 5 coins (~ $0.025)
  • $10-$49.99 = 10 coins (~ $0.05)
  • $50-$99.99 = 15 coins (~ $0.075)
  • $100 + = 20 coins (~ $0.10)

How much can you earn? I’ve listed above approximately what each receipt is worth if you cash out for an Amazon gift card of $5. If you wait until $40 to cash out, each receipt ends up being worth slightly more. There are also bonus points you can earn as well as referral points which is nice.

  • $5 Amazon Gift Card (or Visa or Paypal) = 1000 coins
  • $15 Amazon Gift Card (or Visa or Paypal= 2900 coins
  • $25 Amazon Gift Card (or Visa or Paypal) = 4300 coins
  • $40 Amazon Gift Card (or Visa or Paypal) = 6500 coins

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Receipt Pal

Currently does not have a referral link. If they offer one again, I will post it here. Generally when they do, you and I both would get extra points when you use my referral code.

Here is the direct link to their app

Accepts receipts up to 7 days old

Receipt Pal uses receipt cards that you fill each week. Once you fill them all, you can earn extra sweepstakes entries. I don’t pay too much attention to the sweepstakes entries, but it gives you more chances to win extra points.

Receipt Pal seems to have a little bit more restrictions on number of receipts you can upload each week. They also say that you can only submit a maximum of 5 receipts from the same retailer within a 24 hour period, so you’ll want to spread some of your receipts out if you have a particular store you shop at a lot.

Once all your green points cards are filled for the week (you get 5 cards, 4 receipts each) any receipts you upload after that will not give you points, but will give you sweepstakes entries. If you are at the end of the week and still have receipts to upload but have all your point cards filled, then just save those receipts for the next week if you don’t care about earning sweepstakes entries.

Receipt Jar

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Accepts receipts up to 7 days old

Receipt Jar is another good one. You only need 1000 points to get $5 and they give you lots of options to redeem including to your Paypal account. Easy to scan and upload and there are ways to earn bonus points as well.

How many points do you earn per receipt?

  • Below $10 = 5 points
  • Between $11-$50 = 10 points
  • Between $51-$100 = 15 points
  • Over $100 = 20 points

Most types of retailer receipts are accepted but things like hotel fees, electricity bills, phone bills, train/bus tickets and taxi or rideshare receipts are not.

How much have I earned so far?

Each receipt app is a little different and has it’s own limitations and rules, but during the time I’ve been using them, they all seem to get me to enough points to cash out around the same time frame/number of receipts uploaded.

I’ll give a breakdown of what I’ve earned so far from each app. I’ve been with Fetch the longest and only started the other apps a couple months ago, so I may update these earnings in a couple more months when I have more time with the other apps.

2022 earnings- $35
Jan. – April 2023 – $30

Pogo: March-May 2023 – $16

Receipt Hog: March-May 2023 – $15

Receipt Jar: March-May 2023 – $5 (I didn’t use this one as much at first because it kept lagging when uploading receipts. It’s not doing that so much anymore. Might have been my internet, I’m not sure)

Receipt Pal: March-May 2023 – $10

Grand total so far from January 2023-May 2023 = $76 That’s almost $20/month. And I only started using the other 4 receipt apps in March this year, so I could have earned more.

Remember, if you sign up using my referral codes above for each app, you will get extra points at sign up too, plus you’ll help me out ;-)

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