Always an interruption!

Well, I just got over being sick for a week, felt so much better Wednesday, and then Wednesday night my tooth that has a crown on it starts hurting. Now the dentist told me just a little while ago when I was in for my cleaning that I needed to get that tooth fixed and a new crown put on, but it wasn’t inflamed or infected or anything. It has hurt a bit before, but always stopped after a few hours, or overnight. Well, this time it was worse when I woke up yesterday morning! I call the dentist, only to be told that they are closing early and they’ll be closed on Friday as well, so I have to wait till Monday to come in. Of course I can call the on call dentist if it gets unbearable.

So anyway, I didn’t get hardly anything done yesterday due to being online half the time trying to find pain remedies for my throbbing tooth, since the Ibuprofen and Tylenol didn’t seem to be doing much for it. Very frustrating when you’re on a roll with getting organized and finally getting some routines down, and then you get sick for a week and then a toothache that makes it hard to focus on anything!

I did read that clove oil, or cloves can help a toothache. I didn’t have clove oil, or whole cloves, but I did have some ground cloves. I just mixed a little water with some to make a paste and then applied it around the bottom of the crown, trying to get it directly on the tooth itself as much as I could(kinda difficult with the crown in the way!). Nasty, nasty nasty tasting, and it burned my tongue and cheek, but it did seem to work some. I imagine if I’d been able to get a good amount directly on the tooth and into the cavity, it would have worked even better.

So then I went the store and bought some Orajel severe toothache cream and tried that, and it does work ok too. Again, it’s probably best if you can actually get it onto the tooth, but I think I got some on there at the bottom of the crown. Also bought some Aleve to try. Not sure that that did any good either, but then I did notice a difference when I also took some Tylenol an hour later. Then back to Ibuprofen 8 hours after taking the Aleve (DO NOT take Ibuprofen and Aleve together since they are both NSAIDs). That’s when I started to really feel a difference. Then took some more Tylenol an hour after taking the Ibuprofen. Now I’m not sure if the pain is just subsiding on it’s own or what, but it almost felt like it was gone a few times when I was putting the kids to bed. It’s definitely not as sharp of a pain as it was earlier when I touch it now, so that’s good!! I’m hoping and praying it will be gone or at least stay at this level tomorrow.

So that was my wonderful day today. The upside: I got to go to Nboy’s flag football practice (I missed the last two due to being sick) and took lots of pictures and got some video footage. I made a really yummy dinner, that everyone enjoyed(well, I was only able to partially enjoy it since I had to chew very carefully due to the pain!)(I’ll share the recipe later), and I made chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. I got my dishes washed and my sink shiny just a little bit ago while watching a couple episodes of Monk (detective tv show) on Netflix (I love the streaming movies and tv shows!), and that’s about it. Didn’t get to do any homeschooling or zone cleaning yesterday, but I’ll hopefully be able to pick it back up today!


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  1. Stopping by from the blog hop and now following you thru GFC and RSS Reader. I would love a follow back on both of those when you get the chance. Thanks so much for your help and have a great weekend.


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