A Funny thing Happened

So a funny thing happened earlier yesterday. My husband told me last night that he found a piece of paper with dog poop on it sitting on his seat in the car when he got in to go back to work after lunch. He comes home for lunch every day. 

Well, Wednsday night after church, we were all getting back into the car when I noticed that our oldest had stepped in some dog poop. I made him get out and wipe his feet on the grass and then I noticed that he had stepped on a piece of paper when he had got in the car the first time, so there was some dog poop on that paper.  I picked it up and put it into a plastic bag that was in the trunk of the car. When we got home, I opened the trunk and put that plastic bag with the poop paper, into the garbage can outside.  The garbage can was empty except for that paper.  The paper was not on my husbands seat when he went to work yesterday morning, and I know it had to have been the same paper I’d put in the trash can. 

I do know that after he went back to work, a bum came up into our driveway and was looking for cans in our recycle cart, so I don’t know if he was there earlier and thought that there were cans in the plastic bag and found the dog poop and decided to put it on the drivers seat in the car, or if someone else did it… it’s a mystery.

Moral of the story,, keep your car doors locked even when you’re home during the day!

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