Up and At-em

Well, here I am, a little drowsy, but awake.  I’ve been struggling with my little resolution that I made in my first blog post, but I’ve managed to get up earlier a few days last week and this morning. I think 7:30 is just right. I can spend some time studying, and get a few other things done, and then get the kids up about 8, although they aren’t up yet this morning. I’m enjoying the quiet too much, but I definately need to get them up by 8:30 or my 3 year old will be extremely difficult trying to get him to take a nap later. 

Studying God’s word and prayer time in the morning is a must. It definately helps get my mind on track and really helps me to get through the day. This morning I was going over our lesson for the adult class on Sunday evenings and guess what it’s about- Study. We’ve been hearing alot about that lately in the preaching too.  I think God knows what we need!  Anyway, I know I tend to underestimate studying the Word, but I know that the times that I’ve made it a priority and spent time doing it every day, my life has  been much easier.  God gave us his word for a reason. It’s not just a good book to read every now and then. It has to be our life. It is our instruction book for how to live our life.

Well, I’ve got to get the kids up and the baby is waking up, so I’ve got to go for now!

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