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Life goes on…even when you’re sick…

So I have to say I was doing pretty well the last couple weeks. Keeping up with homeschooling, getting the house cleaner and more organized each day, and this week I’ve actually been getting back to doing my routines and zone cleaning with the Flylady.

Then I started feeling sick Wednesday….and it escalated to a full on head cold. Stuffy nose, headache, runny nose, sneezing, slightly dizzy… get the picture.  But I have 3 kids to take care of…..soooooo……life has to go on.  We had taken a day off from school on Wednesday anyway because I had some pressing things that needed to get done that day, but now we’ve had 2 days off because today I just was not going to be able to function dragging out of bed at 7 or even 8am. I felt horrible…and still do, though since I took some childrens Sudafed(that’s all we had in the house for cold medicine) and Ibuprofen a couple times today, I can tell the difference, so it must be working.

So thankfully, since I was on a pretty short fuse today(or should I say yesterday, since it is after 1am), my husband took all 3 boys to Nboy’s 2nd flag football practice. It was nice to have some quiet time. I wish I could say that I relaxed, but I had to pick up the mess in the livingroom, and then work on getting some candles ready to ship, and by the time I was done with that, it was almost time for them to be home.  Then I wish I could say that the kids all went to bed at a decent hour and I was able to relax for awhile before heading to bed, but that didn’t happen either. First of all, they all got into bed late since I had to run to the store to get some necessities after the football practice. Then, Ekid and Nboy were playing with a plastic sword on their bed, and Nboy got poked right in the eye. So it was bleeding a little, and it hurt pretty bad, so I had Nboy stay out on the couch while I put Baby and Ekid to sleep. Ekid went to sleep fairly quickly(this is now around 10:45pm) but Baby was not going to go down so easily. I tried working on my computer right by their door where he can see me, but eventually he starts saying “mommy, sit. Mommy sit” and then starts crying because he wants me to sit by his bed.  So finally, after also getting him some more water, I sit next to his bed, but heaven forbid I bring my laptop with me! (he starts crying if I try to sit by his bed and work on my laptop at the same time) Eventually he did go to sleep right at about Midnight. Nboy had also come in to go to bed just before that. Then Nboy starts complaining about a stuffy nose! Great….here we go again!

So that was my day today. I guess you just have to wrestle your way through when you’re sick and everyone else is still depending on you.  It kinda stinks, but I guess it will pass, and hopefully next week will be smooth sailing again :)

Boys and worms….(earthworms)

Ekid holding worms

Oh the joys of boys. Although, I must admit, when I was a little girl I used to collect slugs! I collected them in a coffee can and put them under my bed one time……can you guess what happened? Yeah, my mom found them there a while later and it was a bit stinky…lol I even held slug races on our slide….

So what kinds of dirty, slimy things/creatures did you collect when you were a kid? (or your kids) I’d love to hear your stories!

OSU vs. Boise State…..Yikes!

Well, it’s game day for the Oregon State Beavers today. My husband was going to take NBoy and Ekid with him to a friends house to watch the game, but then the neighbor boy came over and really wanted Nboy to stay and play, so reluctantly I said okay. This is Nboy’s first time having a neighbor kid to play with right next door and they’ve been playing almost every day and he is thoroughly enjoying having a friend so close. So I just couldn’t say no.

So now I’m hoping Baby will take a nice long nap, and Nboy and his friend will kind of stay out of my hair so I can get the back yard rototilled (how in the world do you spell that word?).

My husband has been so nervous for this game. The Beavs are up against Boise State and playing on their blue turf. Can you believe someone actually donated tons of blue paint so they could paint a practice field blue to prepare for this game? LOL  I guess you do what you have to to have an edge!

So if the Beavers don’t win, I’m going to have a very dejected husband later tonight.

I’m not looking forward to that. I am looking forward to having a nice quiet house in a little bit, and a few hours not hearing Nboy and Ekid fighting, though.

I’m also looking forward to tilling up the back yard and getting it planted with grass in a couple days! It’s been bare for too long. I want a nice green yard! Of course that means I’ll have to start picking up the dogs poop……

But it’ll probably be worth it…..

Maybe I’ll make Nboy do it……

So who do you think will win? OSU or Boise State, or do you even care? :)

Oh, yes, and this is our wonderful dog King……

King, our dog